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Help Feed Laos' Elephants During Covid

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Help Feed Laos' Elephants During Covid

As the world continues to reel from COVID, elephants are suffering too. Laos closed its borders to visitors over a year ago, eliminating income desperately needed to feed and care for its elephants. Their situation grows increasingly dire each day.

Why can't these elephants simply be released back in the wild, where they can feast on jungle greenery? Sadly, most can't. Many were taken from the jungles decades ago and put to work to earn money from their labor. Now, most rely on humans - their owners, mahouts, and tourists - to survive. They don’t have the physical capabilities, skills or instincts to make it in the wild, and many are too old.

In response, the Lao Elephant Initiative (LEI) has been providing funds for a grassroots project, called "Feed the Elephants.” We are working actively and aggressively, with very limited money and people power, to try to save these endangered elephants.

LEI must raise critically needed funds so a number of at-risk elephants get the food, exercise, medical care, and human interaction to help ensure their wellbeing. We hope you will consider making a donation of any size to help.

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